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Well what can I say but simply an amazing school. I have 2 boys, one in year one and one in year 5. They have been at this school just over 12 months and it was the best move for them . Since coming here they have come on in leaps and bounds both academically and socially. The facilities are fabulous, from the amazing outdoor area for key stage 1 to the huge field for key stage 2 on the other site. The boys especially like the little touches of toast in a morning after breakfast. After coming here from another school for various reasons to do with them not being academically challenged to coming here goes to show what a huge difference can be made in the right school. The head is hands on. He is there on a morning to greet the children and again when they leave. He knows the names of all the children, don't ask me how he does it but it's a wow from us!Well done Mr Fox and his amazing team.

From Lisa Parvaz & the boys

Year Groups 1 to 6

Owl FamilyPlease click on the page links to view Class Information, Curriculum Plans, Knowledge Organisers and News for each Year Group.

Year 1 - 1:1 Robin and 1:2 Sparrow  

Year 2 - 2:1 Starling and 2:2 Wren

Year 3 - 3:1 Heron and 3:2 Puffin

Year 4 - 4:1 Kingfisher and 4:2 Kestrel

Year 5 - 5:1 Finch and 5:2 Nightingale

Year 6 - 6:1 Blue Jay and 6:2 Red Kite

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Life at Longroyde

Thank you to Jolt Media, Longroyde Primary staff and pupils for such fantastic photographs!