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Do an act of kindness. Help one person SMILE!


If our children learn early the power of a smile and a kind act the whole world will be a better place. It doesn't have to cost anything to celebrate World Smile Day®. The act of kindness is the celebration.

Charles Ball, President of The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation




World Smile Day 

On Friday 6th October 2023 we celebrated World Smile Day at school. This year was rather special because it was the 25th Smile Day.

We took part in lots of activities that make us smile throughout the day – for example making Smile Day bunting and Smile Day posters which we will use to brighten up our school entrance areas and show how important kindness is to us all at Longroyde.
In Key Stage One and Two, children received a “lucky dip” Smiley postcard with a positive message from one of their classmates to help each child to smile in school. In EYFS, children decorated a smile to share with their friends in school.

We encouraged year groups to carry out planned acts of kindness for our school and local community, for example older year groups organised games for the younger children in school. Children decided in class who their “Smashing Smiler” certificate recipients were. Adults chose the members of their class who make most people smile and they were rewarded with a little smiley something.

We invited pupils to wear something yellow with their school uniform on Smile Day, however, this was not compulsory. For example, a yellow T-shirt with school trousers, yellow shoes with uniform, or something small like yellow ribbons in hair. It was not a non-uniform day, children were expected to arrive in correct uniform if they had nothing yellow to wear. Nothing special has to be bought for the day.

We asked for a voluntary £1 donation this year, we will donate monies raised to a worthwhile charity.

We invited parents and carers to send Smiley messages for us to post on our website blog to record what it is about your child that makes you smile, we loved reading them all - see below.

We wish everyone in our school community a Happy Smile Day!

Mrs S Mitchell, PSHE Coordinator
Mrs C Buchanan Deputy Head Teacher

World Smile Day 2023 Blog

Grayson – Owlets
Grayson makes mummy and daddy smile with his care and affection for everyone and his love of exploring.
Carly (mum)

Alexander – Little Owls
Alex’s smile and contagious laugh make me smile. Pizza day at school makes Alex smile.
Georgia (mum)

Ezrella – Little Owls
Ezrella has loved joining Longroyde Nursery and always leaves with a beaming smile, she has loved making friends and making mummy beautiful pictures.
Kirsty (mum)

Valentina-Rose – Little Owls
Valentina-Rose makes me smile with her funny, silly personality and how clever and caring she is. Her daily singing makes me smile!
Vicky (mum)

Sienna – Tawny Owls
Sienna makes me smile when I think of how great a big sister and daughter she is. She is so caring and attentive to her little sister and an amazing daughter.

Sienna’s friends make her smile. Every time we go into the playground, she instantly smiles whenever she sees her friends and runs off to play with them.
Carice (mum)

Mia-Rose – Tawny Owls
Mia’s smart answers and her love towards her brother make me smile.

Mia says
Paisley (her friend) makes her smile.
Xhesilda (mum)

Elliana – Tawny Owls
Elliana makes us smile every day, especially when she is kind and caring towards others.
Stephanie (mum)

Harper – Tawny Owls
Harper makes her mummy and daddy smile every day with how she always has the biggest hugs for us. She makes us smile with her craziness. Keep being you.
Vanessa (mum)

Zachary – Tawny Owls
Seeing how kind, caring and happy Zachary is makes me smile.

Zachary says playing with the toy elephant and reading lots of stories in his classroom makes him smile.
Hannah-Marie (mum)

Nyle – Tawny Owls
Nyle has a cheeky smile and is very caring towards his family. Nyle loves riding his bike to school every day and enjoys playing outside in the playground.
Katie (mum)

Skyla – Barn Owls
Skyla has settled well into school and she’s thoroughly enjoying it and making lots of friends. Skyla is super kind and helpful and that always makes me smile .
Natalie (mum)

Jacob – Barn Owls
What makes me smile about my child is knowing he’s happy.

What makes him smile about school is making friends.
Samantha (mum)

Harper – Barn Owls
Harper, you make us smile every day. We couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful, funny and loving girl you are turning into. Always be yourself, and mummy and daddy will always be with you every stope of the way. Love you x Thank you to all the Reception staff from the bottom of our hearts for the time and effort you give to Harper.
Jodi (mum)

Corey-Dale – Barn Owls
Corey-Dale is the sweetest, kindest child – he always makes sure everyone is okay and gives amazing cuddles. He plays nicely with others and I am so lucky to have the most amazing son. Louise (mum)

Eadie Lea – Barn Owls
Eadie Lea says that the outside area in her ‘big girl’ school and playing with all her new and old friends makes her smile. She also says Mrs Rhodes makes her smile at breakfast and after-school club. Eadie Lea makes mummy and daddy smile with her imagination and her beautiful drawings.
Shelley (mum)

Laura – Barn Owls
Laura says Mrs Ayrton, Mrs Rhodes, drawing and new people make her smile.
Suzanne (mum)

Ella – Robins
Ella makes me smile with her curiosity for life and willingness to give most things a go. She also makes me laugh a lot with her cheekiness ... I have no idea where she gets it!
Mike (dad)

Ella makes mummy smile because she brings me a new letter home from school every day, she also brings joy and laughter everywhere she goes. She is kind, caring and very creative. Her smile and giggles are infectious, especially when dressing-up our dog, Buster, and brushing her teeth in mummy’s high-heeled shoes. Keep shining and smiling my little princess because you make mummy very happy and very proud of every second of every minute of every day. Lots of love mummy xxx
Sarah (mum)

Dale-Junior – Robins
Dale-Junior makes mummy and daddy smile every day because he always makes us laugh with his cheeky ways and he’s the best big brother to his baby sister.
Deni (mum)

Armaan – Robins
Armaan smiles when he plays with his friends nicely, is nice to people, plays with his dinosaur and car toys at home. He likes to be proactive through running, football, going to the park etc. He likes to watch Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla and King Kong. He likes to spend time with family and help people whenever they are struggling with something. He likes to go to the Zone play-gym on the weekend, and make friends there while playing. He also enjoys doing his homework with his older brother.
Yashir (dad)

Mia – Robins
It makes us smile when we hear Mia and her brother belly-laughing together, and playing nicely with each other. It makes me smile when her face lights up when she realises I bought her new fairy lights for her bedroom and she tells me I’m the best and that she loves me. She makes us smile when we put on Alexa and she does funny dance moves. Her sense of humour makes us both smile and we love seeing how proud she is after a successful swimming lesson.

Mia says seeing her school friends makes her smile.
Lucy (mum)

Seth – Robins
Seth makes us smile every day by just being himself.

Seth smiles when he sees his friends at school.
Rachel (mum)

George – Sparrows
George makes us smile when he tells us one of his funny jokes.
Sarah (George’s mum)

Charlie – Sparrows
Charlie makes me smile every day, his enthusiasm for everything is infectious. He loves big, he smiles big, he sees the world with the most wonderful eyes but is not afraid to question things he doesn’t understand, with a maturity beyond his years! He is just the most amazing little boy, the best company and he makes me smile because I am the lucky one that gets to be his mummy!

Charlie loves learning and enjoys school in general but most of all he loves a sticker and loves coming home and telling us why he has them! He also really, really loves the ‘1, 2, 3 Good to Me’ song that he has learnt at school and makes his daddy play it in the car on the way to and from school EVERY DAY!!
Mandy (mum)

Kerrera - Sparrows
Kerrera makes me the proudest parent in the world, with her kind heart and soul. She could make anybody’s day better. She never fails to make mummy smile.
Kirsty (mum)

Kade – Sparrows
The things that make me smile about Kade are his smile, the way he is so loving and always giving hugs, and the way he sings Sunflower by Post Malone (from the Spiderman movie).
Soraya (mum)

Ellie-Mae – Sparrows
Ellie-Mae is very kind, caring and loving to everyone she meets. She is always happy and smiling. She loves coming to school and spending time with all her classmates and teachers.
Michael (dad)

Josiah M – Sparrows
Josiah is so caring towards his family and friends and he is kind to everyone. He always wants to make sure someone isn’t left out or left without. His constant thirst for wanting to understand everything and wanting to learn new things makes us smile. Josiah loves learning, playing football on a Monday, PE lessons and being with his friends. And, of course, pizza on a Thursday makes for a smiley day.
Niall (step-dad)

Noah – Sparrows
Noah makes mummy and daddy smile with his kindness, willingness to help, his imagination and love of singing. Noah says playing football with his friends and learning new things makes him smile.
Carly (mum)

Flick – Sparrows
What makes me smile the most about Flick is how kind and caring she is to everyone she meets. She’s always willing to held a helping hand, even if it’s just a few words of encouragement.

She loves learning new things and seeing her best friend, Ellie Mae.
Naomi (mum)

Evann – Starlings
When mummy is busy and baby cries, Evann makes so many funny faces and plays silly, funny games to make his little baby brother happy – it just melts our hearts and makes us smile . When he knows he is getting an award on Friday, a big smile brightens his face.
Jaspreet (mum)

Wilfred – Starlings
Wilfred has a heart of gold. He is very intuitive, which has helped form his kind and caring personality – he is a pleasure to spend time with. If you’re feeling sad, ask Wilfred to sing ‘Elephants have Wrinkles’ to you. It’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Wilfred says it makes him smile when he walks through the door at school and sees his
Johnathan (dad)

Hannah – Wrens
Hannah makes mummy and daddy smile with her kindness and her free spirit. She’s not afraid to be unique and can make anyone laugh, no matter how they’re feeling. When someone is down, she is always the first to make sure they are okay and included.

At school, gardening club and seeing her friends and teachers makes her smile.
Danielle (mum)

Jenson-Richard – Wrens
Jenson-Richard is the sweetest boy, always the best brother to his sister. We are proud of you always, this makes me smile.
Sophie (mum)

Wilson – Herons
Carter makes me smile because he is so caring and kind. He also tells the funniest jokes! He makes me smile at how amazing he is at reading and his super neat handwriting!
Vicky (mum)

Quinn – Herons
Quinn makes me smile when he shows kindness to others.
Kareena (mum)

Louis - Herons
Louis makes his mummy smile when he pulls funny faces and tells her he loves her.
Caroline (mum)

Ayva – Herons
Ayva is THE BEST big sister to her baby sister, Arya, and she is so loving and absolutely hilarious! We all love you Ayva. From mummy, daddy and little sissy
Jordanna-Leigh (mum)

Ava W – Herons
Ava makes us smile because he has a heart of gold. She loves to make her family and peers laugh and smile. She is the best big sister and means the world to her little sister . I really hope Ava realizes just how special she is to everyone around her! Ava said school makes her smile because she loves seeing her friends happy.

She said she loves Mrs Atkins and loves how kind she is as a teacher.
Nicola (mum)

Leia-Lily – Puffins
Leia-Lily is so kind and caring with family and her friends at school. She always tries her best with everything. Forever proud, this makes me smile.
Sophie (mum)

Alex – Puffins
Alex makes me smile when he is constantly praised for his beautiful manners. It makes me smile when I think how much he has achieved in the last year both physically and educationally.

Alex said his best friend Scarlett in his class makes him smile when he is on his way to school.
Sarah (mum)

Lemmy – Puffins
Lemmy, you are the kindest boy I have ever known and you always have the biggest smile. Love you x
Samantha (mum)

Beau – Puffins
Beau loves going to school each day , it makes him smile as he loves playing with his friends. Chocolate also makes him smile lots too!
Sadie (mum)

Scarlett – Puffins
Scarlett makes us smile every day with her kindness and infectious laughter. She is always doing silly dances around the house and always has a new joke to share with us!

Scarlett smiles at school as she enjoys seeing and playing with her friends every day.
Sonia (mum)

Tyler – Kingfishers
Tyler makes us smile because of how he has grown in confidence since he started playing rugby, which shines through in school. We couldn’t be more proud of this amazing boy.

School makes Tyler smile because he gets to see his best friend Noah every day.
Emma (mum)

Autumn – Kingfishers
Autumn makes daddy and Danielle smile with her beautiful, infectious laugh and smile! It just makes you want to laugh with her and brightens up the darkest days.

At school, skateboarding club makes her smile.
Danielle (step-mum)

Saskia – Kingfishers
Saskia, your teenager attitude at the moment always makes me smile – just don’t grow up too soon . Love you x
Samantha (mum)

Graysen – Kingfishers
Graysen makes us smile every day. He’s funny, kind, caring and cheeky. He loves to tell jokes and make people laugh, he can certainly brighten up a dull room. Thank you for being you, Graysen. Love from mum, dad and brothers.
Maria (mum)

Sophie – Kestrels
Sophie makes me smile because she is so kind and thoughtful – we love her so much, she makes us proud every day.

What makes Sophie smile about school? Sophie loves spending time with her friends – this makes her smile.
Jo (mum)

Amelia – Kestrels
Amelia is the kindest, sweetest child. She makes me smile when she brings me breakfast in bed and gives me the biggest hugs when I get home from work.
Ashleigh (mum)

Eshaal – Finches
Eshaal makes me smile when she makes cards for me just to tell me that she loves me, she secretly writes in my books “mum I love you”.
Zahara (mum)

Mia – Finches
It is a privilege to see how beautifully she is growing up every single day. I love to be able to witness that process. She is becoming very intelligent, resilient and an independent young lady that I am very proud of.

What makes Mia smile about her school is the opportunity to see her friends, to not be bored (she missed everyone very much while at home because of her broken foot) and she also dores the Library.
Marcelina (mum)

Harry – Finches
Harry tells the best jokes and is a fantastic comedian. He always knows show to make me smile and makes others smile too and he knows that laughter and smiling is the best medicine, and a good way of changing the mood in a room!
Amanda (mum)

Louie – Finches
Louie makes us all smile every day because he is absolutely hilarious!
Anna (mum)

Zachary – Finches
Zachary makes us smile as he is absolutely hilarious, always making us laugh. I always have a big smile watching him kick-boxing, as he loves it.
Fiona (mum)

Annabelle – Nightingales
It makes me smile knowing how kind, caring and loving Annabelle is. She has such a warm soul, always willing to help others and will generously give her time to aid her friends and family.

School makes Annabelle smile, as she sees it as a safe place to learn, grow and to spend fun times with her friends.
Matthew (dad)

Nico – Nightingales
Nico makes me smile because he is crazy, funny and kind.
Lisa (mum)

Sophia – Nightingales
Sophia has the most infectious smile. She knows smiles are precious and is such a caring person that she wants to spread smiles to everyone. When Sophia greets you with that big, warm smile you can’t help but smile back. Sophia lives the saying “smile and the world smiles with you”.
Amanda (mum)

Mia – Blue Jays
Mia is funny, intelligent, lovely and kind. She has a beautiful soul. She loves to learn new things, she’s very smart.
Natalie (step-mum)

Amelia – Blue Jays
Amelia’s kindness makes daddy and Danielle smile every day! She’s always ready to go above and beyond to help others out.

At school, her friends make her smile, and so does getting homework
Danielle (step-mum)

Jessica – Blue Jays
Jessica loves to dance! She takes part in numerous classes throughout the week and always comes out with a huge smile on her face! Jessica also has a wicked sense of humour and loves to make others smile too!
Jenny (mum)

Merahri – Blue Jays
Merahri has the capability to brighten any room, she is the kindest daughter, sister and friend anybody could have.
Kirsty (mum)

Harry – Blue Jays
Harry makes me smile so much for so many reasons. He’s funny, smart, kind, caring and just such a joy to be around. He really is one of my favourite humans and my best friends. Also, literally NOBODY I know, knows more about football than Harry does! I am super proud of my super Blue.
Sarah-Jane (mum)

Riley T – Blue Jays
Riley makes me smile every day. He is thoughtful and kind. I am so proud.
Michelle (mum)

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