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PFA- Parents, Friends Association

The Longroyde Primary School Parents & Friends Association, or LPS PFA for short, is an integral part of our school community and is committed to advancing the education of our pupils by providing and assisting in the provision of resources which are not normally funded through the school budget, to enhance our children's experiences during their primary school years and to promote good relationships between staff, parents, pupils and others associated with our school.

We have a Facebook page dedicated to raising awareness of all the activities and events we organise which you can join by searching Longroyde Primary School PFA. This group is set to private to safeguard our children so please answer the security questions upon joining.

New members and ideas are welcome, please join us!

Trustees of Longroyde Primary PFA - CHARITY REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1183552

Year Representatives 

In 2019 we introduced the idea of year representatives and asked for volunteers to come forward to help us reach more parents and to really promote a sense of community within our school. 

There are year representative led WhatsApp groups, please email longroydepfa@longroyde.calderdale.sch.uk for deatails of how to join (you may only join the year group relevant to you).

These groups are a great way to get to know other parents with children of similar ages, share information, ask questions and have a say in what activities and (hopefully in the future) events that the PFA organise.

Please note:
• Joining these Whatsapp groups is voluntary.
• By joining one of these groups you will be sharing some of your personal information, such as your name and mobile number, with other members of the group.
• If you do not want to share personal information, such as your name and mobile number, please do not join any of these groups. You can still share any ideas or feedback with us through our Facebook messenger or via email: longroydepfa@longroyde.calderdale.sch.uk

We hold meetings each term to discuss events, activities and how volunteers can help. We
will arrange for information to be sent prior to these meetings via email, our Facebook page and to the year group Whatsapp groups.

Please feel free to join in and to get involved however little or as much as you can.

Year Group Representatives

  • Lorna Horner
    Year 2
  • Sarah Nicholson
    Year 3
  • Sarah Prollins
    Year 4
  • Anna Roberts
    Year 5
  • Faye McGuin
    Year 6


Contact our Committee Members or Year Representatives via Facebook or either School Office.

My little lad recently started at Longroyde Primary School and from the very first day all staff and teachers have been so welcoming and friendly to both children and parents. It is clear to see that the teachers are very good at their jobs and it shows through them that they really enjoy what they do. The extra PFA events are fantastic and really well organised and these are loved by my son also.

Heather Ellis