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Longroyde Primary School was formed in September 2016 following the merger of the former Castlefields Infants School and Longroyde Junior School. The new school boasts provision from 2 to 4 years, (Longroyde Nursery) and 5 to 11, (Longroyde Primary).

We have specially resourced sites which cater for the individual needs of each age range; at the primary school we have dedicated cooking, design technology and music rooms which helps bring out the best in the children's creativity. There are 2 age appropriate libraries, the children are encouraged to choose their own reading.

We offer a rich after school curriculum and Family Learning ensures parents can be involved with their child's development at school. A great deal of investment has been made in the ICT facilities and now includes banks of net books and laptops in addition to the specialist ICT suite for the older pupils at Longroyde Road.

The new school has gone from strength to strength supported by local church St Matthew's and assisted by a very active PFA. Events and activities are organised across the community and promoted on Facebook, to find out more read our Longroyde Primary School PFA pages, 

We have very strong links with other local schools, including Rastrick High School and aim to make the transition from Year 6 to high school as smooth as possible.

The most recent Ofsted rating for the school was Good; achieving this rating in 3 areas and Outstanding in 1. Our established team are very proud of the school and are keen to maintain this rating and working together to further improve.

"Fun House" and "Hooters" are Longroyde's out of school clubs for children ages 3-11, allowing parents to benefit from wrap around care from 7.30am-6pm. The club can be paid for with Government funding and childcare vouchers are accepted. High quality childcare is provided at a reasonable cost within a relaxed, safe and stimulating environment, activities include crafts, baking and outdoor play.

The team in the office are very happy to share their passion for the school, please call with any questions about school life or to arrange a visit or book a place at the next open evening.


Brilliant school. Friendly, helpful staff who care about the children and who are contactable. A headteacher who is accessible and knows all the children. Children are educated in a supportive environment where they are encouraged to achieve their potential alongside the pastoral care creating well rounded citizens.

Year 5 parent (or I guess Year 6 this is published) or Catherine, July 2020

This has been a brilliant school for my children. The standard of education has been very good with great teachers and a lovely ethos. My daughter is coming to the end of her primary years and will be leaving to go to high school at the end of this academic year and my son will be returning to school in year 4. Both of them have been incredibly happy throughout and have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Longroyde Primary. They have been able to grow as individuals and recognised for their achievements not only in school but also out of school. Longroyde Primary in my opinion is very good at acknowledging that life at school is not always about academic achievement and that children shine in all different areas as well as in their hobbies. There is a good range of after school/ additional activities such as football, judo, boxing and the opportunity to learn a musical instrument as well as events such as school discos, music concerts and school trips. We have over the years been very impressed with the thought and dedication that goes into all the various activities and events organised by the staff and the PFA. They always offering excellent after school clubs which for working parents is a real benefit. Both children love going to the breakfast/ after school and again looked forward to going before and after school and would often be disappointed if they weren’t going! My son has just enjoyed his first year at the junior site and had adapted very well , I am confident when he returns in Year 4 this will continue and he will be very happy in his remaining years at Longroyde. My daughter has really enjoyed her primary years and will no doubt look back with fond memories of the experiences she has had. I am thankful she has been given such great opportunities to explore many different aspects of her education with wonderful members of teaching staff who have prepared her incredibly well for her onward journey to high school.

Samantha Young, July 2020