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World Smile Day 2020 - Mr Fox

What did we do on Smile Day?


This year every child has made a smiley face in KS1, and in KS2 each pupil has designed a smiley face mask to make into bunting to hang in the classrooms. Year 4 went on a “Smiley” socially- distanced visit to the local care home, and children sent smilEmails to their peers in ICT instead of Smile postcards. We did other activities to celebrate the day, including a “Guess the Staff Smile” activity. Certificates were awarded to pupils who were nominated by the staff for being the most Smashing Smilers. I have been so impressed by the happy, smiling children coming into school each day. It really feels like everyone is delighted to be back at school and, believe me, staff feel just the same. I think we can make every day smile day at Longroyde Primary.