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Unleash Your Creativity Workshop with author Salman Zaman 23 and 25/04/24

Multi-nominated award-winning children’s author, illustrator, creative dance teacher and Longroyde parent, Salman Zaman, is delivering free Unleash Your Creativity Workshops in school on Tuesday 23rd April (Reception to Year 3) and Thursday 25th April (Year 4 to Year 6).

Together, they will tackle the mystery of missing socks as they engage in a fun problem-solving quest to discover where these elusive garments disappear to. 

Salma will be selling signed copies of her book in the playground after school at Field Top Road on Tuesday 23rd April at Longroyde Road on Thursday 25th April.

“Embark on a cosmic adventure with unexpected twists as a routine library visit
takes an extraordinary turn when Henry’s Horrendous Hiccups propel
Mrs Buchanan, Mr Fox and the children aboard a mysterious spaceship. Read as
they journey to an alien planet, encountering robots, lost socks, sticky surprises
and a dash of mayhem. Can Class Six overcome the mayhem and return home
safely, all while finding a cure for Henry’s troublesome hiccups?”

Henry and his Horrendous Hiccups