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Tuck Shop at Longroyde Road Returns

Prior to the Covid-19 situation, LR had a tuck shop operating at break times. FTR have always been provided with fruit through a Government scheme. We have decided to bring back the tuck shop at LR in a limited form.

We are concentrating on reasonably priced food items which have been popular in the past and which we can buy and sell at cost to children.

I am very grateful to Mrs McGuire for her help with this. She has worked with Asda to source
some items. Other fruit items we will receive from our fruit supplier. Thank you  also to the members of the Leadership team who, along with your Editor, will operate the tuck shop at break times.

We hope to offer breadsticks (5p each), boxes of raisins (10p each) and fruit such as
pears/satsumas/apples etc. (20p per piece). Sadly, cheese is very expensive at the moment.

We hope you will see this as a positive move and hopefully encourage your child to use the shop, which will operate from the school hall at LR.