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Do an act of kindness. Help one person SMILE!


If our children learn early the power of a smile and a kind act the whole world will be a better place. It doesn't have to cost anything to celebrate World Smile Day®. The act of kindness is the celebration.

Charles Ball, President of The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation




World Smile Day 2020

Friday 2nd October was World Smile Day®. We planned activities across school to celebrate the day, (a little differently from previous years due to Covid-19 but we still had fun). 

We made smiley faces in KS1 and in KS2 each pupil designed a smiley face mask to make into bunting to hang in the classrooms. Year 4 arranged a “Smiley” socially-distanced visit to the local care home, and children will be sending smilEmails to their peers in ICT.

Pupils were invited to wear something yellow with their school uniform, (not compulsory & nothing special has to be bought)... some examples were a yellow t-shirt with school trousers, yellow shoes with uniform, or something small like yellow ribbons in hair? We requested a voluntary £1 donation, which we will donate to a worthwhile charity. Please note - It was not a non-uniform day, children will be expected to arrive in correct uniform if they had nothing yellow to wear.

There were other activities including a “Guess the Staff Smile” activity plus certificates awarded to pupils who were nominated by the staff for being the most Smashing Smilers. 

World Smile Day 2020 Blog

Thank you to our community for all your messages, it has made us smile reading them 🦉😀Would you like to add a message/photo for your child? Email longroydeprimary@gmail.com.

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