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Our Reading Influencers

To add another dynamic to our Reading for Pleasure Culture, each class now has a pair or group of Reading Influencers.

These children share recommendations with their peers in class and once a month with their Key Stage (in assemblies), with the hope of encouraging children to try new authors and text types.

To spread the word and encourage others, KS1 and Years 3/4 children will talk to their teachers and have a section in the newsletter, whilst Upper KS2 children will produce an article to go in their year group’s newsletter.

  • Robins (Mrs Geddes)- Emily
  • Sparrows (Miss Bentley and Mrs McCaul)- Matilda and Josiah
  • Starlings (Mrs Rashid)- Max, Olivia, Finley and Dawood
  • Wrens (Mr Payne)- Lena, Alannah, Hugo and Brayden
  • Herons (Mrs Atkins)- Daniel and Olivia
  • Puffins (Mrs Edge)- Heidi and Conner-Jack
  • Kingfishers (Mr Young)- Estrella and Tolu
  • Kestrels (Mrs Kalabic)- Sophie and Oscar
  • Finches (Mrs Crinnion)- Charlotte, Jemima and Ebony
  • Nightingales (Mrs Hemingway and Mrs Mitchell)- Jasmine and Sophia
  • Blue Jays (Mrs Bird)- Clara and Mia
  • Red Kites (Miss McGuire)- Chloe and Oliver