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Oxfam Unwrapped 2021

Oxfam Unwrapped charity gifts are gifts that help the lives of people around
the world. They provide opportunities for education and training, they improve health and reduce disease, and provide resources for income-making enterprises.

We would like to invite your family to make a small donation to Oxfam Unwrapped in lieu of
Christmas Cards or presents to staff members. We have invited our families to donate to Oxfam Unwrapped for the past 8 years, and our wonderful children have made contributions totalling nearly £1200! They have then voted for the gifts they wanted to purchase - gifts such as; Solar Energy, Fix a Well, Goat Couple, Plant an allotment, Emergency survival kit, Educating a Child, Pile of Poo and a Farmyard . These gifts really do make a difference to people’s lives.

If you wish to donate money towards an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, please send your donation in a clearly labelled envelope (Oxfam Unwrapped donation, name, class and amount) to the school office on either site by Monday 22nd November. This is an easy and meaningful way to promote British Values and our School Values, and think about others less fortunate than ourselves this Christmas Season. For more information see


Thank you in advance.
Mrs S Mitchell
PSHE Coordinator


Oxfam Unwrapped 2020

Thank you so much to all the children and their families who donated so generously to Oxfam Unwrapped and raised a superb £188.94!

They are as follows;
Key Stage 1
Reception Ava Broadhead
Y1 Eleanor Atkins, Jamie Burgon, Harry Chadwick, Estrella Green, Starla Merrifield, Va’Shaun
Y2 William Barraclough, Thomas Derdowski, Annabelle Hauck, Orla Mackenzie, Louie Roberts,
Esther Tinker

Key Stage 2
Y3 Tilly-Rose Horton, Shaunessa Morris-Langshaw, Benjamin McGuin, Zayan Parvaz, Carl
Barnfather, Darcey Wilcox, Jorgie Thornton, Clara Atkins
Y4 William Young, Chloe Rodgers, Eli Hirst
Y5 Harry Sibley, Nathaniel Schofield, Isabelle Heyhoe, Alice McAdam, James Balmforth,
Saarah Hamza, Tremaine Riley-Ward
Y6 Harrison Gooder, Amelia Rodgers, Ewan Mackenzie, Abigael Doyle, Andrew Jay, Ruby Finch,
Jeb Tinker, Luca Roberts

These children would like to wish everyone in the Longroyde community a Merry Christmas, as their donations were in lieu of buying Christmas cards and gifts. In previous years we have had a lovely meeting with the children all together to discuss the gift options, but this year, following current guidelines, the children have discussed what they wanted to buy with their class teacher, and their votes have been collated.

The following gifts have been bought;
Making a living Water for all Future Projects
Supergoat Water for a Community Education for Girls
Superseeds Life Changing Loo
Pile of Poo Safe water for a family of 4

I would just like to add personally that it is always an absolute pleasure to run this initiative and witness children who are so sincere in their wish to spend their money wisely to help others less fortunate. It is one of the highlights of my year, and I am so proud of them.

Thank you also to Miss McGuire who has collated the money on the FTR site and purchased their gifts.

Have a happy and safe Christmas and holiday period everyone.
Mrs S Mitchell, PSHE Co-ordinator

Oxfam Unwrapped Funds Raised Letter 2020