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Oxfam Unwrapped 2021 - Funds Raised, Thank You!

Thank you so much to all the wonderful children and their families who donated so generously to Oxfam Unwrapped and raised an incredible £286.99! This is one of our best totals ever!

They are as follows:
Key Stage 1
Nursery Ellie-Mae Gough
Reception Rae Winterbottom, Oliver Houston
Y1 Ava Broadhead
Y2 Jamie Burgon, Harry Chadwick, Estrella Green, Starla Merrifield, Chaise Driver, Oscar

Key Stage 2
Y3 Corey Malone, Louie Roberts, Marley Annoville, Zachary McSheffrey, Orla Mackenzie,
Sajeela Khan, Annabelle Hauck, Ebony Woolridge
Y4 Ben McGuin, Zayan Parvaz, Jessica Kelly, Fabian Szyczak, Alfie East, Harry Roberts, Iman
Farooq, Luis Swain, Lanwy Hassan, Amelia Harriott
Y5 William Young, Eli Hirst, Evelyn Woodhead, Amtul Khan, Ebony Park, Talia Lund
Y6 Nathaniel Schofield, Alice McAdam, Martha Woodhead, Matthew Roebuck, Harry Sibley

These children would like to wish everyone in the Longroyde community a Merry Christmas, as their donations were in lieu of buying Christmas cards and gifts.

I met the KS2 children last week, and Mrs Buchanan met with the KS1 pupils. We looked at the gift options and considered the benefits of each. The children then discussed what gifts they wanted to buy to help families and communities living in poverty. They decided upon the following gifts;

Making a living Water for all Other Projects
Supergoat x2 Safe Water for a Community Education for Girls
Poverty busting pig Life Changing Loo Hope for a refugee x2
Life-Changing Chicken Keep the water running Gift of Light
Heroic Honey Bees A Wonderful Water Pump
A Pile of Poo

I always say this, but I really do mean it … it is always an absolute pleasure to run this initiative and observe our children discussing sincerely and wisely how to spend their money to help others less fortunate. It is one of the highlights of my year, and I am so proud of them.

They truly do embody our school values.

Thank you also to the office staff who collected the
donations, and Mrs Buchanan who has collated the money on the FTR site and purchased their gifts.

Have a happy and safe Christmas and holiday period everyone.
Mrs S Mitchell, PSHE Co-ordinator

Oxfam Unrwapped Letter 2021