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Outdoor Learning

Longroyde Primary is undergoing training by the EYFS and KS1 teachers to train KS2 teachers to take children outside the classroom more frequently, to make learning more relevant to their lives in the community and wider world.

We believe outdoor learning offers all learners opportunities to achieve and develop self-confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences using natural materials.

We encourage children to be responsible for and respect the local community and environment, giving them a sense of belonging and ownership of the place in which they live. Outdoor Learning sessions are linked to the National Curriculum to enhance the learning taking place in the classroom, whilst also using the ethos of Forest Schools to develop social, physical and communication skills.

At Longroyde children take part in Outdoor Learning activities throughout the year in our school grounds, integrating subjects so that meaningful activities can be planned and delivered effectively and regularly.

This enables children to connect with nature, fostering a sense of respect and ownership with the outdoors. Children learn how to be safe, keep their friends safe and treat the outdoors environment with respect. Activities include exploring, investigating, collecting natural objects, discovering a range of plants and animals, den building, making objects, using equipment, solving problems, playing team games…plus much more!

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