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At Longroyde Primary School, we are committed to implementing a mastery approach to teaching and learning in mathematics. We believe in providing opportunities for all leaners to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of mathematics at each stage of their learning. Our whole-school maths curriculum in underpinned by a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach through which we aim to enable all pupils to access, understand and fundamentally apply the underlying structure of maths. It is our intention that pupils routinely use multiple and varied representations accurately and cross a range on contexts to address, improve and consolidate:
Pupils can use efficient strategies and do not get too ‘bogged down’ in too many steps or lose the logic of the strategy.
Pupils carry out operations with accuracy (e.g. careful recording, knowledge of number facts, number bonds and relationships, careful double checking of results).
Pupils are flexible and can choose an appropriate strategy for the number(s) involved (e.g. split/compensation/near doubles/formal methods) and use another method to check their results.
Pupils can explain, justify and prove ideas showing a deepening understanding of a concept.
Pupils use correct terminology. Key vocabulary is reinforced (by teachers, children, role/peer modelling) displayed and accessible.
Problem Solving
Children regularly experience ‘non-routine’ problems.
Children show resilience as they actively seek solutions, explore patterns and formulate conjectures.
Children make connections across mathematics and apply knowledge in other subject areas.
Currently, our maths provision is resourced primarily through The White Rose Maths Hub and is complemented by a range of ‘going deeper’ activities (for example, through NRICH) to embed, strength and provide depth for the more able leaners. Children are therefore given multiple opportunities to apply taught skills to a range of problems which help them to reason and problem solve about maths. Importantly, children are encouraged to apply and transfer these skills to everyday situations as, at Longroyde, maths is seen as an integral part of life.