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Longroyde provide a safe and clean environment for my child. The teachers connect well with every student to get the very best out of them. The school have a talent for recognising children’s strength and weaknesses to be able to focus on making children the best they can be. Excellent choice of extra curricular activities. Five stars all around.

Catherine Finch


I currently have 2 children attending Longroyde and a 3rd child now in high school who also attended. I couldn't recommend this school any higher than I do, they truly are an amazing educational establishment and do everything they can to meet the needs of all pupils. I have also had the great opportunity of working with the school as a reading volunteer to provide one on one support to pupils to help advance their reading skills, this is just one of many provisions the school puts in place to help assist each individuals pupils needs to fill their full potential. The staff are amazing, from the teachers to the office staff to the caretakers and canteen team, they all go above and beyond to support pupils and parents alike. Fantastic school, could not imagine having my children in any other school. I highly recommend Longroyde Primary to any parents looking for a school for their child/children. 

Sammie Jade Richardson


I cannot praise Longroyde enough. From the moment I looked around it was clear how child focused they are and how much they truly care about each child. The school has so many different activities and classes for the children to enjoy. My child has attended for the past 2 years and has an amazing relationship with each member of staff and loves every day. It is clear how passionate each staff member is about their roles within the school. Everyone is so welcoming and all the children appear so happy and content while at the school. You almost get a sense of the school being more like a family with the children being very proud of their school and feeling cared for by an amazing staff team. There is also a lot of opportunities for each child to receive rewards and praise. Even through a pandemic the staff reminded positive and supportive and put on a range of virtual activities that the children could take part in. Never have I regretted my choice of school and would recommend to everyone.

Roxanne Woolridge


Curriculum Intent Statement 2023/2024

Complete Curriculum Intent Statement 2023/2024

Curriculum Design

What aims and values inform the selection of curriculum content at Longroyde Primary School?

  • Building Resilience (Fluent knowledge takes time to build)
  • Practising basic skills (Focusing on functional knowledge)
  • Developing life skills (Cultural Capital)
  • Promoting deep thinking (Thinking critically about the content)
  • Acquisition before application (Teaching the domain knowledge and skills before asking pupils to apply them)
  • A curriculum accessible for all (Planning a curriculum that meets the needs of our children).

We encompass the National Curriculum, but go beyond it to meet the overarching values and aims of the school.

We provide a knowledge rich, curriculum of depth, where pupils need to think critically about the content. For example, in KS2 History children are asked to analyse research and decide on its accuracy, in Science children are asked to investigate theories, in Guided Reading the children are asked to think about and discuss the choices of language used by the author.

Subject leaders consider what they want pupils to know and be able to do by the time the pupils have completed the curriculum (see Progression of Knowledge and Skills documents). This allows selection of curriculum content to be focused on achieving these aims.

We consider cross- curricular coherence, linking knowledge between different subject areas. For example, in Key Stage 1 the children’s English work is closely linked to their topic work on an afternoon, so the children have prior knowledge they can use in their English lessons.

We aim to build cultural capital, the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens. For example, studying money and budgeting and healthy relationships in PSHE lessons, following the Safety Curriculum inviting the Police, Fire Service, Calderdale Road Safety team into school to speak to our children and Aspiration Day so children can listen to careers that are out there from specialist people.

Why teach, what we teach?

We prioritise English and Mathematics (foundational subjects) in our curriculum. We appreciate the importance of literacy both to pupil’s academic success and to their personal wellbeing. We know that basic numeracy is an important life skill and underpins understanding in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). Additional space is given to these subjects in the timetable since one of our core aims is Practise Makes Perfect- Practising Basic Skills. Without foundational literacy and numeracy skills, our pupils will not be able to access later curriculum content.

Where possible, our timetables have English and Mathematics all morning, with 
afternoons spent learning subjects beyond these. This ensures our curriculum retains
sufficient breadth.

As reading has been identified as a focus on the school’s development plan, we now have an additional 30 mins on the timetable across school, a minimum of four times a week (15 mins reading independently and 15 mins reading for pleasure). This is in addition to the 1⁄2 hour timetabled library session each week. The library is open on both sites at lunch times and a Reading Buddy club runs with volunteers from Year 5. The Reading Manager also opens the KS2 library on break times and after school.

We have considered how we motivate children to read more and we have used pupil voice, asking pupils what they enjoy reading and responding to this in our selection of class texts. We have also purchased recommended books and award winning books to encourage children to try new authors and genres. We are now in the implementation stage of encouraging children to read more at home. This has involved widening the choice of AR books they can pick from (beginning Jan 24), recommending books to the children and involving parents more.

Due to the focus on foundational subjects, there simply is not enough time to effectively teach every subject every week. Instead, we teach DT, Art, History and Geography several times each year but in different half terms. However, to ensure curricular breadth and provide a varied curriculum in which pupils want to engage, we do teach PSHE, ICT, PE, RE, Music, Science and French (KS2 only) every week.

PSHE is vital for our pupils and we have a specialised PSHE curriculum that we are all agreed on and that focuses heavily on our school aims (particularly Winning at Life Developing Life Skills) and values.

Science in particular gives our pupils powerful knowledge that takes them beyond their everyday understanding of the world. We prioritise the knowledge in the curriculum, but also the skills needed to investigate and experiment so children can critically think about the content, test it and draw conclusions of their own. French, RE, History, Geography, ICT, Art, DT and Music give our children cultural capital as well as new skills and knowledge. PE teaches our children about healthy lifestyles, team work, endurance, communication, social skills and resilience, as well as developing new skills in each different area of sport studied.

We want our children to leave our school with well-developed foundational knowledge. We feel that the knowledge and skills that our broad curriculum offers provides this.

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