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Breakfast & After School Clubs, (Term Time Only)

We offer "not for profit" out of school care for working parents and carers during term time.

Please refer to the sub menus: Fun House and Hooters for further information or contact the School Office. 

Availability is limited so we recommend reserving your place early. 

This has been a brilliant school for my children. The standard of education has been very good with great teachers and a lovely ethos. My daughter is coming to the end of her primary years and will be leaving to go to high school at the end of this academic year and my son will be returning to school in year 4. Both of them have been incredibly happy throughout and have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Longroyde Primary. They have been able to grow as individuals and recognised for their achievements not only in school but also out of school. Longroyde Primary in my opinion is very good at acknowledging that life at school is not always about academic achievement and that children shine in all different areas as well as in their hobbies. There is a good range of after school/ additional activities such as football, judo, boxing and the opportunity to learn a musical instrument as well as events such as school discos, music concerts and school trips. We have over the years been very impressed with the thought and dedication that goes into all the various activities and events organised by the staff and the PFA. They always offering excellent after school clubs which for working parents is a real benefit. Both children love going to the breakfast/ after school and again looked forward to going before and after school and would often be disappointed if they weren’t going! My son has just enjoyed his first year at the junior site and had adapted very well , I am confident when he returns in Year 4 this will continue and he will be very happy in his remaining years at Longroyde. My daughter has really enjoyed her primary years and will no doubt look back with fond memories of the experiences she has had. I am thankful she has been given such great opportunities to explore many different aspects of her education with wonderful members of teaching staff who have prepared her incredibly well for her onward journey to high school.

Samantha Young